Many many years ago,around the year 452 A.D., there lived a great pegasus pony by the name of Sunset Pond. She was a great political thinker, one of the go-to ponies in Celestia and Luna's court. However,she was unhappy with the current living conditions. Ponies were starving throughout the year,they were freezing to death in the winters, and even the political seats for the pegasi,unicorns,and earth ponies were locked in nonstop arguing.

Sunset had an idea. She thought over it for many long weeks,eventually deciding to found a new kingdom far from the grasp of the royal sisters...away from the non stop pain and suffering of early Equestria...So she hired an esteemed exploration group by the name of "The Flight of the Phoenix",headed by a Doctor Compass Rose. Dr. Rose was a kind pegasus pony,who owed Sunset a great favor for saving her group multiple times.

Dr. Rose was tasked with sending exploration teams around the planet to find a suitable place for a new empire. An empire of peace and happiness.. Though the project was described as "Highly secretive". Eventually,the team found a wonderful area of land,one that is beautiful and pure. The winters were mild,and the summers were perfect. Wild grains grew everywhere,along with plentiful fruits and vegetables. It seemed that there were not many predators,and the water was clean. It was their own garden of Eden.

Sunset began her secretive project,building her castle,setting up the government,colonizing the land. She called the land she built on "The Garden of Life", after it's beauty and splendor. As soon as she allowed people to come to the land,the ponies flocked to it,traveling under the cover of darkness on cargo ships said to be heading to other parts of Equestria. Her work was dangerous,but the benifits were endless.

She called her empire "The Nightingale Empire", after the beauty of the bird's song. The name has stuck for thousands of years.~

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